International Development & Business Internship (+ potential full-time role)

Posted on 06-18-2014

Transformational Business Network

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Type: Full-time/part-time volunteer internship (full-time preferred, at least 3 days/week). Unpaid but with expenses covered.

3 months initially with a full-time, paid role for the candidate with strong performance during the internship.

Location: Moorgate or Wimbledon offices (tbc)

Application Deadline: 3 July 2014

About TBN:
TBN is a network of over 1,600 experienced business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and companies that use their skills, resources, time and money to build businesses that create jobs, empower the poor and transform communities all over the world. TBN has strong track record in impact investment and social enterprise with over 10 years of operations, $30m invested and 20,000 jobs created.  

Roles & Responsibilities:
We’re looking for a volunteer intern to work directly with the TBN Chairman and trustees on a wide range of key areas. In particular you’ll be: assisting in the development and implementation of TBN’s growth strategy; coordinating organisational outreach and research for 2 impact investment funds; building on-the-ground partnerships with overseas organisations and key individuals; coordinating UK and international events; helping implement strategic organisational restructuring; establishing new network hubs in India, Africa and Asia alongside TBN Partners; and developing our capacity to develop and communicate to communities online.

It’s a unique opportunity to work with the trustees of TBN — successful entrepreneurs and investors in their own right — and a network of skilled business people. You’ll gain invaluable exposure to a wide range of key areas and high-level decisions, and will be using your time and skills to transform the lives of the poor.

Along the way you will:

  • have the opportunity to start, manage and grow events and entrepreneur networks overseas
  • work closely with business leaders, entrepreneurs, sophisticated fund managers, VCs and private investors developing business concepts and managing the impact investment process
  • have 1-to-1 coaching and with the TBN Chairman, a successful investor, serial entrepreneur and business coach.
Skills & Expertise:
This role will particularly suit candidates with a background in one of Economics, Finance, International Development & Business, or Strategy & Communications.

Ideal candidates will:

  • be strategic thinkers, ready to develop and implement strategies to grow TBN
  • have exceptional organisational, administrative and management skills
  • be a self-starter able to take initiative and work independently
  • be confident meeting new people reaching out to new organisations
  • have experience with social media and online communities
  • be able to demonstrate a passion for business and international development

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