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Experience required : Early-career professionals with 2 – 4 years work experience to serve in a position that combines both field and management experience in Africa.

Where ? Rural Rwanda or Burundi (French required); Rural Kenya, Ethiopia, or Malawi (English required); Tanzania Regional Capital (English Required).

Minimum 2 years commitment, full-time job.

Rapid organization growth translates into great career opportunities for our staff. We invest heavily in careers – we want to develop our next group of country directors, R&D directors, and partnership leaders. In their first year, our program associates lead 3-5 internal consulting projects, such as:
  • Impact innovation: A program associate recently designed a new harvest storage product and farmer training, and tried it with a few hundred farmers. The trial demonstrated an increase in harvest profits by more than 10%. Next year, we expect to sell this product to over 40,000 farmers.
  • Growth innovation: A staffer recently designed a new viral marketing initiative. She identified our best and most enthusiastic farmers, and turned them into volunteer "replication agents" who are empowered to recruit new groups of farmers. Our staff person designed the trial protocols, trained 10 field staff to test the idea, and observed the trial in-field, resulting in 25% higher client enrollment. We are now rolling this out across more than 200 field sites.
  • Operations rotation: In addition to internal consulting projects, program associates also spend time paired with a regular "operating unit," which has 50+ staff. This is an opportunity to observe how regular operations work, while also building leadership skills by mentoring a larger number of staff.

In their second year, our strongest performers take leadership over a relatively independent pilot within the One Acre Fund network, while earning a significant and sustainable salary increase. Examples include:

  • Burundi: One Acre Fund plans to launch one new country per year, for the next five years. A program manager moved to Burundi early in 2011 to direct field operations for an initial 400-farmer pilot. Six months later, that pilot is now being quadrupled in size and is our newest country launch.
  • Farmers United: One of our program managers piloted an innovative trial in a new area of Kenya. This trial helps farmers to save up for farm inputs over time, in addition to taking loans, and has high potential to scale rapidly. Over two years, he has created a field organization of 80 staff from scratch. His organization, called "Farmers United," cooperates closely with our existing field units, but also operates with a high degree of independence within the One Acre Fund umbrella.
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