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Posted on 03-13-2014

La 27e Région

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La 27e Région is a small NGO based in Paris called "La 27e Région". We are trying to invente, through different action-research programs, the work of tomorrow's public servants ("les fonctionnaires de demain"), for them to be more in tune with what's happening around us (social innovation, sharing economy...).

Here are the missions of our future projects director:
- to develop our programs and projects ; create project teams ; assist their implemantion with our partners and our teams on the field
- to animated the cross-learning between the different projects and programs.
- to have an eye on the global calendar and on the budgets ; participate to their elaboration
- usual networking and representational function, of course

What is important for us?
- To be autonomous and know how to work in a small and agile team
- To have a strong interest for the public sector and its future
- To have a few years (let say 5) of experience in a management position
- To be happy to work with us