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AgeGuess - CRI

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Job description
Have you already visited www.AgeGuess.org, the citizen science website from CRI ? If not, go, take a look, sign up, guess on some photos.

AgeGuess  seen some nice growth in 2014, and have over 1400 users, more than 400 of those in the past 2 months. There are multiple small modifications about the website that we would like to have implemented but don't have time and/or knowhow to do it ourselves.

Your mission
For example, we would like to change the algorithm used to choose the random photos to display and make photos with less existing guesses more likely to show up. The load time between guesses is rather long (up to 5 secs) and we would love to find a way to lower that.

Finally, with over 66,000 guesses, and close to 1700 photos, it would be a good time to start analyzing the data, and you could potentially get involved in that as well. 

The website is using PHP and Drupal.

We can hire you as an intern (under typical French rules and pay-scale), or a part time programer to compete some of the tasks. For the latter, in order to get paid, you would need to be able to provide an invoice, i.e. have a company of some sort that could do that.
How to apply?
For any questions and/or proposition, contact Dusan Misevic at dule_at_alife.org
More informations
  • Paris, France
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  • Posted on 03-03-2014
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