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Posted on 02-21-2014

Ecofarms Panama

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      ECOFARMS Panama (EF) is a grassroots educational and

     developmental platform that brings together students,

     professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts. Working together with the

     community, we strive to improve both the quality of life of local

     people and the overall health of the environment in the Mamoni

     River by developing and apply implementing responsible farming

     and conservation techniques.

     What does EF hope to accomplish?

     We are striving to create a healthy and productive ecosystem in

     the Mamoni River valley that promotes responsible environmental

     practices while incorporating Panamanian traditions and the needs

     of the local community.

     With the help of motivated interns and volunteers, we hope to

     bring together knowledge and experience from around to world to

     address the important environmental issues confronting the Mamoni

     River. In dealing with these issues, we hope to provide a unique

     learning environment where students are encouraged to provide

     insight and ideas to meet the challenges confronting EF and,

     indeed, the world.

     In addition to environmental goals, EF is dedicated to improving

     the lives of local farmers (campesinos) through education while

     striving to protect a traditional Panamanian way of life. The

     future of the rainforest in the Mamoni River area depends on

     everyone working together towards a common goal, and the future

     of the area’s inhabitants depends on the health of the land.

We are currently looking for interns who can help us expanding our social organisation by developing marketing strategies and introducing an Ecotourism program.

Besides we are always searching for motivated outdoor enthusiasts who like to work in the rain forest by doing gardening or carpentry.