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Posted on 02-12-2014

Guate va vest

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Got a degree in Business management, Fashion business/management?

Spent at least 2-3 years in the fashion industry: in a multinational, consultancy, NGO or similar?

Want to make a lasting difference?

…Interested in working in Guatemala?! 

 If so, then this could be a fantastic opportunity for you.

At Guate va vest we’re looking for a bright and talented person to be our Fashion business administration fellow. With the skills you bring, and a can-do attitude, it’s a unique chance for you to support the growth of a social enterprise in and around Quetzaltenango (2nd city of Guatemala) and to contribute to an innovative and sustainable solution to economic development.

Guate va vest’s fellowship is aimed for a fashion industry expert eager to take on a new challenge in the field of social entrepreneurship and business management. The fellowship lasts minimum of six months. It’s the type of hands-on experience that will allow you to generate a lasting, deep and sustainable impact.

The work you’ll be doing will be varied and challenging, and will have a direct impact on Guate va vest’s business goals. As a Fellow, you’ll be in charge to run and develop the business in Quetzaltenango – Guatemala:

●     Lead the growth of Guate va vest in Guatemala

●     Supervise local weaving and sewing groups

●     Be in charge of the quality control

●     Design and follow-up: sales and marketing strategies, finances, business plan

●     Coordinate and manage all administrative matters

●     Document the production process (pictures, videos, etc.)

●     Assist the venture´s CEO in developing the social media and communication tools (website, twitter, facebook, etc.)

What skills and qualifications do you need?

You’ll need:

●     A BA or MA in something business, fashion business

●     Understanding of fashion, design

●     Working proficiency in Spanish

●     At least 2-3 years of experience in the fashion industry

●     Excellent communication and writing skills

●     Strong organizational, project management and leadership skills

●     A love for analysing and solving problems

●     Proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint

●     A knowledge of, and passion for, social entrepreneurship, and craftsmanship.

The following would be great, but not essential:

●     Experience working with entrepreneurs and/or social enterprises

●     Experience working in or with a developing country.

As a person you’ll need to be independent, resourceful, flexible and creative. You’ll also need to enjoy working on your own and be proactive, be passionate about making a difference – and have a sense of humour!  The women you will work with have a lot of humour; and with the timing you need to be relaxed and have humour without becoming unsatisfied!


●     Monthly stipend

●     Work-related travel and other similar expenses will be reimbursed.

About Guate va vest

Guate va vest manufactures and sells numbered series of high quality 100% handmade garments. The collections are made in collaboration with indigenous Mayan women from the north of Quetzaltenango, in the highlands of Guatemala. Guate va vest pays the women at a fair price, well above the market. They also receive a training that complements their ancestral knowledge.

Guate va vest develops a new concept of dress for Western countries, but familiar for the indigenous women of Guatemala. The collections are a fusion between Irene Peukes’s art and the sensitivity and creativity of indigenous women. Guate va vest seeks to recover the traditional uses and renovate them with a modern design.

With the support of Guatemalan workers cooperatives and new ways of commercializing the products, guate va vest seeks to build a lasting project that breaks with the traditional patterns of the fashion globalized market.

For more about us and what we do, have a look at our websites: and

About Alterna

Guate va vest is part of Alterna’s social entrepreneurship cultivation program. Alterna identifies entrepreneurs and businesses that are creating social and environmental value in their communities, and provide them with hands-on mentorship and accompaniment to help them achieve their goals and maximize their impact.

For the last months, Alterna has been working hand-in-hand with the guate va vest team to develop the social business in Guatemala and Europe.  The fashion business fellowship is part of Alterna’s cultivation of guate va vest. The fellow will be based in Alterna’s office in Quetzaltenango, and will report to guate va vest’s manager and Alterna’s team. Alterna will directly support the fellow in his mission.

For more information about Alterna:

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