JOB OFFER - RECLAIM FINANCE Energy / Power Analyst - Full time - France

Long-term contract
Partial remote possible
Posted on 01-11-2021
This job is no longer available.

Reclaim Finance

We are the first French organization 100% focused on issues that are at the crossroad of finance and social and climate justice.

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  • You will be monitoring the activities and transition plans of companies in the fossil fuels and energy industry and produce analysis and materials to support our campaigning objectives.
  • You will coordinate with other research groups to build on what is already available and will complement existing research with our own inputs to align with our positions and objectives.
  • You will work in close collaboration with our team of analysts, under the supervision of the management. You will also maintain and develop our relationships with a large number of financial institutions and our international partners.
  • The full-time position is available immediately.

About us  

We are the first French organization 100% focused on issues that are at the crossroad of finance and social and climate justice. Launched in 2020, Reclaim Finance has already emerged as one of the go-to organization of climate-related financial issues. 

Affiliated with Friends of the Earth France, we aim at pushing the financial sector to work for sustainable societies. In the context of the climate emergency and biodiversity losses, one of Reclaim Finance’s priorities is to accelerate the decarbonization of financial flows. Our method to get there: to snatch wins, one by one. 

Reclaim Finance exposes the climate impacts of some financial actors, denounces the most harmful practices and puts pressure on financial institutions until they stop them. Pragmatic, we know how to build alliances with other players and put our expertise at the service of financial institutions and political decision-makers who wish to transform their existing practices to align them with ecological imperatives.

Main responsibilities:

  • Conducting research on activities of companies in the fossil fuels and power industry and monitoring of emerging energy issues and themes.
  • Tracking coal power companies’ plans to exit the coal sector, their overall transition strategy to align with climate targets and the non-coal energy options they are considering as a response to their coal exit. You will also track the activities and transition path followed by oil and gas companies.
  • Debunking the false solutions from the right transition path to align with a 1.5°C target and respond to social and environmental needs.
  • Not to reinvent the wheel, aiming at coordinating your work with what is done by our partners and other organizations (for example Ember, Oil Change International, Carbon Tracker Initiative, IEEFA, 2°ii, etc.) in order to use and complement existing research and transform the research’s outputs in tools to support our campaigning objectives.
  • Producing informative, advocacy and campaign materials (written analysis, commentary) for publication and internal use on energy trends, emerging energy options as well as on power companies (social, climate and environmental impact assessment, comparative energy technology cost and risk review, asset-level case studies, etc.). 
  • Conducting advocacy work towards financial institutions using our analysis and recommendations on selected companies. 
  • Communication with our partners and networks around the world.
  • You will also contribute to defining campaign strategy; communicating to the media; fundraising and reporting to donors; the life of Reclaim Finance and joint projects.

About you

You are resolutely committed to the struggle for social and climate justice. You do not need to be a finance expert but have a strong and proven foundation in energy companies, economics, and energy markets. Specifically, you have a strong understanding of the coal, gas, and renewables sectors, and power and heating markets and systems.

You are curious and have the ability to learn quickly, including technical questions. Above all, you need to be extremely precise and meticulous and have a taste for research and detail to carry out accurate analyses. You excel at being able to spot and convey the bigger strategic picture and crucial developments amidst the detail of complicated data.

You preferably have minimum of five years’ experience with financial and economic analysis in the energy and power sectors or a related field, and have demonstrated your ability to conduct in-depth research, produce thorough analyses and manage large databases. You have strong analytical and synthesis skills, a keen sense of strategy and priorities.

You have excellent interpersonal skills and will be able to build strong relationships with a wide range of different stakeholders - from NGO partners to climate activists to representatives of financial and government institutions. You have strong oral and written communication skills and are persuasive.

You are proactive, but you are not a lone wolf. On the contrary, you like and know how to work in a team for a collective project.

You are fluent in English and French (reading/written/spoken). A third language is a plus.

Terms and conditions  

  • The position is to be filled immediately; permanent contract (CDI) Full-time basis.
  • Ideally based in Paris 20th with the possibility of teleworking 1 to 2 days a week - depending on the evolution of the pandemic situation.
  • Flexible hours during the week. However, we work with international partners in an ever-changing political context. You must therefore be available for occasional work early or late during the week, or on weekends in response to current events.
  • Local transportation subscription, complementary medical insurance, and lunch vouchers are covered at 50%; 
  • Remuneration: depending on proven experience and internal salary grid.
  • Possible development within the organization.